• Nubuck and Suede Eraser (أبيض)

Nubuck and Suede Eraser

رقم الصنف 9033700-00100


Keep your suede and nubuck leather footwear and accessories looking their best for longer with this cleaning and buffing eraser block. It has two sides and is easy to use, producing fast, flawless results. The smooth side is designed to gently clean these special leathers while the rough side will help shift heavy stains and rebuff the surface to restore the leather’s natural characteristics.

  • Nubuck and suede eraser to help clean and maintain the original appearance of these distinguished leathers for longer
  • Gentle but effective cleansing and re-buffing
  • Two-sided for tailored cleaning
  • Use prior to other cleaning products
  • Developed specifically for use with delicate suede and nubuck

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