Sole Cleaning Kit

رقم الصنف 9040101-00100


Stubborn sole stains are a thing of the past with the ECCO Sole Cleaning Kit, featuring a combination of our foaming applicator and dual-bristle brushes. Most effective when used together, the items provide incredible cleaning power against hard-to-remove stains.

  • Selection of essential products are made to keep your shoe soles in shape
  • State-of-the art cleaning formula is designed to renew the appearance of ECCO FLUIDFORM soles
  • 200 ml Sole Cleaner foamer bottle, Microfibre cloth and 2 brushes
  • Apply Sole Cleaner to either brush and apply to the sole with a focus on stained areas. Work the foam in a circular motion for best results, wiping away any excess foam with the cleaning cloth.
  • Made in England

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